Things to remember to do before moving:


Make a detailed list of all the people and organisations you need to notify of your move

  • Doctor, dentist etc.
  • Schools and colleges, banks
  • Insurances – home, motor
  • Electricity, gas, water suppliers
  • Satellite / cable internet suppliers
  • Telephone landline mobile
  • Local council libraries etc
  • DVLA
  • Milkman / window cleaner etc
  • Redirect mail

Make sure you:

Make a detailed 'to do list' well in advance of you move day

  • Rundown frozen and perishable foods
  • Dispose of any unwanted items
  • Check loft is empty
  • Arrange adequate parking at both properties (subject to van size)
  • Mark boxes clearly and don’t overload them
  • Mark a couple of boxes as essential (tea/coffee, toiletries, childrens favourite toy, remote controls etc.